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Jul 20, 2014

My Latest Adventure | Sunny Florida

Ahhhh, Florida :)  Alhough you are quite swampy and gave me the airport experience from Hell, I  still enjoyed every minute of you.  Fruity drinks, crab legs, and night swims were just what this Wisconsin girl needed.  

My days were spent mainly at the ICAST convention center, but when the show closed, happy hour commenced and we had a great time.  I'm not positive that I would return to Orlando if I had my choice (that whole 'no beach' thing is kind of a downer...) but it was still gorgeous and I loved getting to see a new place.  Cheers to new experiences & tropical locations!


Jul 13, 2014

A New Palette | Lorac Pro 2

I have a little confession to make--
This new palette is technically the first professional eye shadow palette that I've ever purchased :O  I know, I know- I'm a terrible beauty blogger.  But I cannot be the only one who finds it painful to purchase a palette when I know I'll only use 2-3 of the 16 shades it offers, while paying a whopping $50 dollars for it.  No siree, I just couldn't do it.

Until now.  When I found the goddess of all eye shadow palettes.  The Lorac Pro Palette 2 is disgustingly beautiful, so I decided I had to have it.  16 shades and there are maybe 2-3 that I probably won't use.  HOLLA.

With 8 matte & 8 shimmer shades, there is a something for everyone in this palette. So far my favorites are Nectar,  Beige, Jade, light brown, & Cool Gray.  Up above I've shown you the go-to look I've been creating.  Here's how to do it: 

STEP 1 //  With a fluffy brush, lightly apply 'Light Brown' in the crease above your lid.

STEP 2 //  Using a shader brush, apply 'Nectar' all over the eyelid

STEP 3 // Work in a little bit of 'Cool Gray' over the 'Light Brown' that you applied in Step 1.  

STEP 4 //  For a smokey effect, lightly dust 'Cool Gray' mixed with 'Nectar' underneath the lower lash line.

STEP 5  //  Apply 'Beige' to the inner corners of the eye to highlight

If any of you have bought this palette and have created a look that you're loving, be sure to let me know down below in the comments!

Jul 8, 2014

Wedding Planning

I just realized I have not posted even once about my recent wedding-planning accomplishments.  What am I thinking?!  To give you the quick scoop- I've been engaged since last June, and have been slowly inching my way down the wedding checklist.  My wedding date is set for May 16th, 2015 so you could say I still have some time, but I fully expect it to fly by.  That's why I've been speeding up the train a little bit and gettin' shit done!

The way I've planned it out is to get the big tasks that need to be booked far in advance done first.  This means the venue, caterer, photographer, wedding party, officiant, & DJ are all set.  In the next month or two, I will have my dress chosen, the guest list complete, wedding party attire picked out, and the florist booked.  Phew!  Woman on a mission.

The one thing I've been a little wishy-washy about is the color scheme.  I've had a very hard time picking what I want, and originally had a Black & White wedding in mind.  I've recently backtracked and decided that I didn't completely love the idea, so I've gone in the direction of a much softer, feminine feel and I absolutely love the colors I've picked.

If you've seen the colors of my blog (which you have... you're looking at it right now...) you will know that I'm a huge fan of these colors.  I love the peachy-pink blush tones balanced with the nude champagne and a dark gray pewter to give it some contrast.  They work together well, I think :)  I've also listed a few ideas of what colors I will use for different items.

As far as the location goes- It's going to be held in a huge white tent on an outdoor patio at a golf course. Gorgeous, yes.  The ceiling will be filled with 30" glowing lanterns and the tables will be topped with tall hydrangeas.  

I am a planner to the bone.  I cannot stand when things get put off until the last minute, which is why I think I'm having an easy time (so far) planning.  I know I will be a stressed out mess as the day draws closer, but I'll at least know that everything is done and is exactly the way I want it :)