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Apr 21, 2014

R+F Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment

Lately I've been really into discovering and trying new brands.  By doing this I have found out that although Marc Jacobs and Dior are great, they sometimes take second place to the less-famous products.  Sometimes ;)

That has most definitely been the case for me lately, so I'm continuing on my journey to show off some great items that lots of you may not know about.  Recently, my friend Josh introduced me to a brand called Rodan + Fields.  It's a skincare line created by Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields.  I'm not really particular when it comes to skincare, so trying this stuff out was an easy decision for me.  I don't have problem skin and I'm not truly loyal to any skincare line, so why the heck not.  If you feel the same way, this may be something you'd want to check out!  I reviewed a couple of products below for you.  Keep scrolling to see my thoughts!


Micro-Dermabrasion Paste* 
If you feel like you're still sporting dull, winter skin, then you may be in need of a good micro-dermabrasion regiment.  It basically works as an exfoliant, and scrubs away any dry skin leaving you with a polished complexion.  I love the way this made my skin feel after I used it- So nice and soft!  Tip- It's very gritty in texture, so I decided to mix it with a tiny bit of water to make it less intense.  I found it was easier to apply and felt a little less harsh on my skin.

Redefine Night Renewing Serum*
About 6 months ago I decided I really needed a good product to apply before bed to keep my skin fresh and balanced throughout the night.  I tried the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and decided it would be ridiculous to spend that kind of money on something that I didn't see any results with.  I'm glad I tried the Rodan + Fields Redefine Night Renewing Serum, because my skin felt soft and renewed pretty instantly.  It does say that you may need to finish with a moisturizer, so If you are still feeling a little dry after using it, do that.  This product is great for improving texture and preventing those god awful little wrinkles.  

Redefine Lip Renewing Serum*
To me, nothing is worse than having gross lips.  I work extra hard to keep my lips in perfect shape- I make at-home exfoliators, apply balm about 483 times a day, and I'm always on the hunt for a good product.  The Redefine Lip Renewing Serum works the same way as the Night Serum, by improving texture and reducing little wrinkles.  My lips also felt super hydrated afterwards, which I loved.

Rodan + Fields is sold directly through consultants (like Scentsy or Mary Kay) so if you are interested in testing any of these products out, Josh is a great contact and would be able to assist you!  His website is HERE.  

What I'm interested in is if any of you have ever tried any of these products, and what you think of them.  Or, it you have tried any new products lately that you have been loving?!  If you have, please let me know in your comments below :)  


Apr 13, 2014

A Few Favorites

If you know me, you know that I have a really, really tough time picking favorites.  I change my mind a lot and always have a hard time making a decision.  It's a struggle, people.  However, I attribute this fault to my overall appreciation for all the really neat things that this world has to offer :)  

As you can see from above, I've photographed a mess of different items- lipsticks, perfumes, organization, etc.  And trust me, this is a very narrowed down list.  A few of these have been mentioned before, and a few are brand new to Lady Like.  See below for deets about my most recent 'favorites'!

BLUSH // $30
This is nothing new, but I've been loving my NARS blush in the shade "Outlaw".  It is a raspberry color with sheer gold pigments that gives it a little bit more depth than a matte blush.  I have been wearing this on the daily, and I think it looks great!  In my opinion, it would look even better on fair skin.  

This shimmery Sephora eye shadow in the color 'Sun-Kissed' has been nothing short of perfect for spring.  With a cheaper price tag than M.A.C. and great color payoff, you can't go wrong.  Unfortunately, I don't think you can purchase this shade anymore.  A very similar color would be Sephora Collection's 'Romantic Comedy', described as a peach-beige shimmer.

PERFUME // $45
I'm very particular with my scents, but this one has won my nose over.  Aqua di Gioa by Giorgio Armani is fresh, feminine, and very classic smelling, and I just love it.  

NARS makes another well-deserved appearance today as my favorite highlighter.  I've tried all sorts of highlighters, and nothing does me quite as good as "Albatross".  It's leaves my skin with a soft, healthy glow and it is perfection.  I love that this is a powder, because I find with cream highlighters (like Benefit's High Beam) you can see where you've applied it.  To me, they're a bit more streaky.  With this one, there's no signs of application- just a beautiful, sheer shine.  

These Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters have been on everyone's Favorites lists lately, and for a very good reason.  I've chosen the color "Pink Lemonade" because I was in need of another "my-lips-but-better' lipstick.  I love that this one is quite sheer, and really doesn't look like a lipstick at all when you're wearing it.  When I'm in a lazy mood and just need to give my lips some life, this is what I grab.  Just make sure to exfoliate well before applying!

I must have been living under a rock lately because it's like everyone BUT ME knew how rad the M.A.C. Pro Longwear concealer is.  I had been a MUFE concealer fanatic for years, but I have found a replacement!  I sport the shade NC20, which is quite light and has yellow undertones as opposed to salmon. It is so creamy, covers well, and offers the bright under-eye that most girls search for.  I'm LOVING IT. 

There is no rhyme or reason to my mascara purchases.  I really just walk through the isles, find one with pretty packaging and the word "NEW" on it, and I'm sold.  I've played around with dozens of different mascaras, both high end and high street and I really don't think high end mascaras show much of a difference.  I saved my pennies this time and opted for Maybelline The Rocket mascara.  I think it's quite nice :)

Oh, and if you're wondering, the little blue clutch up there is from H&M.

This concludes my recent favorites!  Please let me know what you've been swooning over, and what I should add to my list :)  

Apr 1, 2014

Pink + Gold Spring Nails

I've been going a little crazy over the pink + gold color combo lately (hence the new blog design) and thought I would share with you my current nail situation.  It's this beauuuutiful pink shade with a gold accent nail and I think it is lush.  It's also quite perfect for spring.  Keep reading for the how-to!

W H A T    Y O U ' L L    N E E D
Revlon // Bubbly (here)
Ulta // Golden State (here)

1. Paint your nails as usual, except for one finger on each hand.  I usually skip my ring finger but I suppose it really doesn't matter which one.

2. While the first coat of pink dries, paint your bare nail with the gold.
TIP:  Try not to get too much of the liquid in the gold polish on your nails- it will build up when it dries and make your nail look thick.  Try "dabbing" the glitter on instead of "painting" to get a full-on glitter effect.

3.  Apply a second coat of both